Miller's Crossing Lithium Project

Mark Ferguson
President, Arbor Metals Corp.

"We are very excited to be advancing the Company's Miller's Crossing Lithium Project. Our team has been evaluating past work and geological information and feels the potential for new discovery is promising."

The Miller’s Crossing Lithium Project in the Big Smoky Valley Nevada USA, consists of 192 claims covering 3,800 acres (~1500 Hectares) in the Big Smoky Valley. The Project fits well into the playa-type brine deposit model as it is located adjacent to, and shares geological similarities with Clayton Valley, home to the only lithium producing brine operation in North America.

A playa is an internally drained brine deposit, the surface of which is primarily composed of silts ad clays in which lithium can accumulate from the surrounding source rocks during successive evaporation and concentration events. Evaluation of surrounding gravity data has led to the hypothesis that the Big Smoky Valley has been in-filled with an estimated 2,000 – 2,500 meters of alluvial fill and many have the potential to host a significant lithium deposit.

The Big Smoky Valley is located immediately north of the Clayton Valley, home to Albemarle’s Silver Peak Lithium Mine (in continuous operation since 1967). The Miller’s playa is approximately 40 kilometers north of the Silver Peak mine. The principal target at the Project is a large northeast trending gravity low anomaly which is suggestive of an in-filled basin. The Big Smoky Valley was investigated with regional reverse circulation (RC) drilling by the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and anomalous lithium values were encountered in the basin sediments. The quality and concentrations of lithium brines discovered in the Clayton Valley may be present in the Big Smoky Valley.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Arbor Metals USA Corp., Arbor Metals Corp secured 100% of the Miller’s Crossing Lithium Project directly from Bureau of Land Management.

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